Honor Every Part: #FannibalsDonateLife Organ Donor Campaign

Here’s the scoop - April is Organ Donor Awareness Month in Australia, Canada, the UK and US! To celebrate, Fannibals worldwide are pledging to donate their organs after death, to honor every part and help save lives. 

Why is this important?

All over the world, patients are in need of organs, marrow and other tissue for transplantation. The supply of organs is far outweighed worldwide by the demand, meaning that wait lists are long. Some don’t make the wait. By becoming an organ donor, you have the ability to give a person (or people) another chance at life.

Honor every part, choose to give life. 

How can I help?

Step 1. Register as a donor in the month of April

See the links at the end of the post on how to register as an organ donor in your country! If you have already registered, THANK-YOU! You can then move on to step 2.

Step 2. Join the Fannibal Donor Club

Once you have registered please take the attached image, insert your photo and tag #FannibalsDonateLife on Twitter and Tumblr so we can find you! 

Step 3. Spread the word!

Share the Fannibal love! Organ donation isn’t something most of us even think about unless we, or someone we love is in the unlucky situation of needing a donor. By becoming a donor and spreading awareness you are literally becoming a lifesaver!

You can also visit my Dropbox  for Donor Card art, Facebook Timeline art and organ donor heart image to use and share throughout April. 

Thank-you all so much for taking the time to read through this info, and a special thanks to the team at Dino De Laurentiis Co for their amazing work. You can find them here on Tumblr and Twitter.

Together we can do something really wonderful for the community - it’s a privilege to know you all and call you my Fannibal Family, 

All the best!

- Kristy

P.S. If you do not find your country listed below, please check out http://www.irodat.org/ for more information - any updates, please DM or message me and I’ll add your country to the list. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well as Tumblr <3


Argentina  www.incucai.gov.ar

Australia  http://www.donatelife.gov.au/decide

Belgium  http://www.health.belgium.be/eportal/Myhealth/Organs/index.htm#.Uzorxxa5BsM

Bosnia  http://www.dmbih.org

Brazil  www.abto.org.br

Bulgaria  http://www.bgtransplant.bg/iat/index.php

Canada  http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-sante/donation-contribution-eng.php

Chile  www.minsal.cl

China  http://www.organdonation.org.cn/

Colombia  http://www.ins.gov.co/Paginas/inicio.aspx

Croatia  http://www.hdm.hr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=88

Czech Republic  http://www.kst.cz/web/home.php

Denmark  https://www.sundhed.dk/borger/bliv-donor/organdonation/

Finland  www.scandiatransplant.org

France  http://www.france-adot.org/

Germany  http://www.organspende-info.de/

Hong Kong  https://www.codr.gov.hk/codr/Internet.do

Hungary  http://www.hnbts.hu/

Iceland  http://www.landlaeknir.is/gaedi-og-eftirlit/notendur-heilbrigdisthjonustu/liffaeragjafir/

India  http://donatelifeindia.org/about-organ-donation/organ-donation-in-india/

Israel  www.health.gov.il/transplant

Italy  www.trapianti.salute.gov.it

Japan  http://www.jotnw.or.jp/donation/

Korea  http://www.donor.or.kr

Malaysia  http://www.mst.org.my/donorreg.html

Mexico  www.cenatra.salud.gob.mx

Netherlands  http://www.transplantatiestichting.nl/donatie/orgaandonatie

New Zealand  http://www.donor.co.nz (Only via driver’s license)

Norway  http://www.organdonasjon.no/

Philippines  www.lifeline.ph

Poland  https://www.dawca.pl/jak-zostac-dawca/dawstwo-narzadow

Portugal  www.asst.min-saude.pt

Romania  http://www.e-transplant.ro/donarea-de-organe.html

Russia  www.transpl.ru

Singapore  www.liveon.sg

Slovak Republic  www.ncot.sk

Slovenia  http://www.slovenija-transplant.si

South Africa  https://www.odf.org.za

Spain  http://www.ont.es/informacion/Paginas/PreguntasFrecuentes.aspx

Sweden  http://www.livsviktigt.se/

Taiwan  http://www.torsc.org.tw/about/e_about.jsp

Thailand  http://www.organdonate.in.th/?page_id=86

Turkey  www.saglik.gov.tr

United Kingdom https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/how_to_become_a_donor/registration/consent.asp

United States  http://www.organdonor.gov/index.html

Venezuela  http://www.ontv-venezuela.org/