Important Update - Support Hannibal on NBC

The Support NBC’s Hannibal petition has reached it’s extended target of 10000 signatures!


Thank-you all so much for signing and sharing. So many sweet, talented and smart Fannibals out there and I am so proud to be one of you!

I am creating an updated petition report, which will be sent via mail to NBC and Hannibal’s production team. At around 400 pages, they’ll have a lot of positive feedback to get through! (Many thanks to eattherude  for your assistance with this).

So time to relax now right?

Not a chance! As some of you may know, the decision on whether to renew Hannibal has been delayed by one, possibly two weeks. With this extra time we now have the opportunity to increase our momentum and show NBC we mean business.

We all know the basics, but I can’t go past deadfashionista’s explanation of exactly how tv ratings work, and what best we can do to ensure Hannibal’s success. Please take a look - this info is GOLD.

I also have something cooking at the moment which should be fun, and will also help the cause while we await NBC’s decision. I will update as soon as I can ;)

All future Hannibal campaign posts will be tagged ktgay, so if you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening please feel free to track!

Once again I’m going to bring it in for a big worldwide group hug.

Best fandom ever.

-  Kristy xo